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late to the volcano party

Even when I try not to neglect this website, it still manages to happen. Case in point: this post about our trip to twoView full post »

crowning the king of peaks

Check the box, scratch a line through it, and mark it done. I finally stood atop the highest peak in Utah. IView full post »

strangers in passing

You know that person you pass on the street on your way to work, or the person who walks their dog by your houseView full post »

great lessons from Great Basin

We all have our “character flaws,” and my own personal fault has always been my lack of patience.View full post »

butterfly effects

It’s funny how much one little decision can change your life. Ten years ago, I was offered an internship at aView full post »

high altitude baby

A trip to Colorado over the solstice, with nights in Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Rocky Mountain National Parks. IView full post »

because who doesn’t love kittens?

We have a kitten room at work. Yes, an entire room full of kittens available for adoption. I always go hang out inView full post »

Ceci visits the Big Ditch

After a week working down in Kanab, we took a quick little getaway to the Grand Canyon. Spent a night camping at theView full post »

Ceci meets the Black Hills

The day we were driving out to visit my parents, and have Ceci finally meet Grandpa, I woke up with a sore throat.View full post »

yurt baby

When Jim and I stayed in a yurt south of Moab a few Decembers ago, we knew we’d be back. We wanted to go sometimeView full post »

No-Kill Utah

NKUT (No-Kill Utah), is our newest campaign at work to make Utah a no-kill state. It’s modeled after our NKLAView full post »

backcountry baby

Before she was even born, Ceci was a pro at camping. She camped within the confines of my uterus under a starry desertView full post »

the return to Zion (by Jim)

Zion National Park will always hold a place as one of the most important and special places on the planet for me. ItView full post »

some things never change

Some things never change… and I don’t expect them to change much once the baby comes either. Spent a weekend inView full post »

Naomi Peak

Six months pregnant and ON TOP… of Naomi Peak, the highest in Cache County! However, yesterday’s hike made meView full post »

more mountains

A couple weeks back, the Chickpea summited three more mountains, this time in the Uintas. We were camping with friendsView full post »

tent firsts

While adventuring during the first trimester, I couldn’t bring myself to sleep in a tent. I was waking up fiveView full post »

grandeur on Grandeur

A few days ago, on Memorial Day, Jim and I decided to hike Grandeur Peak (elevation 8,299 feet). We’ve hiked itView full post »

latest sanctuary visit

In honor of my next trip down to the sanctuary (in a couple weeks), here are some shots from last month’s trip.View full post »


Back in December, Jim finished his masters degree in environmental humanities. He processed a huge set of records atView full post »

Molly and her horses

Whenever I go back to Kanab, I stay with my incredibly talented fellow photog, Molly. She lives out in a remote canyonView full post »

lifesaving in LA

I’m headed back to Los Angeles this weekend, and in honor of that, as well as finally planning to post againView full post »

the face of God (by Jim)

I love the desert. I love the relentless light and stark relief that the sun throws across its limitless landscapes. IView full post »

Dani and Annabelle

It’s the dead of winter here in Utah and I’m dreaming of sunshine and warmth. Let’s flash back toView full post »

Nevada is underrated

Is that view what you think of when you think of Nevada? Okay, when you think of parts of Nevada that aren’t inView full post »

the Pacific Northwest

If Jim and I are anything, it’s adaptable. We are flexible and spontaneous, and that has come in very handy forView full post »

Erin and her pack

Case in point from what I mentioned in that last post… these are photos I took in April… of 2011. Yes, forView full post »

Black Hills

I’ve been to the Black Hills about a zillion times. No lie. A zillion. My first trip there was when I was aboutView full post »

sunsets, dogs, and wine

I’m fairly certain no one checks this blog anymore, since I have been the worst blogger in the world the pastView full post »

the incredibly great Great Basin

It was loud. The wind raged, nearly picking me off my feet. It folded my eyelids back, suffocated me when I faced it,View full post »

the Narrows

A few months back, my friend Lauren pitched the idea of getting a group together to go hike the Zion Narrows. I’dView full post »

Arizona tour de parks!

Back in March, Jim and I took a mini vacation to Arizona with my mom. She has an aunt, Gen, who lives down there, isView full post »


I love diptychs. Years back, I was going through my old newspaper files, and stumbled upon a hilarious one. Then a yearView full post »

Radiolab week!

There are few things in this world that I truly LOVE. Well, there’s lots of stuff that I love, but things I LOVE,View full post »

a new state of adventure (by Jim)

(If you like to read, read the post below. If you just like pictures, watch the video above. Better yet, do both! Also,View full post »

Strut Your Mutt!

It’s taken me a terribly long time to post these (what can I say, blogging doesn’t top my priority listView full post »

playtime at Cat World

Another cute video I did for work. Playing with kittens? Never gets old. Never.View full post »

Trail Tails episode 4: Spiral Jetty

I shot this video way back in September, but have been lazy at video editing (it’s really time consuming and IView full post »

invisible dogs

Over the past four years at this job, I’ve photographed a wide range of animal species. Cats, dogs, horses,View full post »

Mr. Kitty

This is Mr. Kitty and his family. They adopted him recently after he lost his home at the Provo airport. It’s aView full post »

mounting Ellen

Back in September, as part of our Utah county peaks goal, Jim and I finally mounted Ellen… as in Mount Ellen. IView full post »


I first met Phoebe back in April at the Salt Lake City Super Adoption. I took a couple photos when she was leaving withView full post »

an update from Aramis

I’ve written about Aramis many times before, but not for years. About two and a half years ago, he was adopted byView full post »

26 hours in Vegas

I’ve always hated Vegas. It truly is one of the most terrible places on Earth. Everyone thinks it is soView full post »

Moabadishu (by Jim)

Having grown up in Utah, there are an assortment of local customs, practices, and beliefs that have the feel ofView full post »

Little Red goes home

In January 2008, I officially started working at Best Friends. Two days later, the Michael Vick dogs arrived – 22View full post »

return to the cat house

Next week, I am going back down to Kanab for the first time since moving. I’ll be filling in as Molly and GaryView full post »

Trail Tails episode 3: Grandeur Peak

Grandeur Peak was actually Pim and mine’s first peak together, and we have a wonderful view of it from our streetView full post »

Trail Tails episode 2: Gobbler’s Knob

If you think my not posting hiking photos anymore means I haven’t been getting out, you would be mistaken. I amView full post »

Trail Tails episode 1: Dog Lake

I’ve been playing with video for a couple weeks now. Earlier this year, I had to start making slideshows in FinalView full post »

pit bulls and perception

I’ve been photographing a lot of pit bulls this year and put together this slideshow recently. Take a look! Also,View full post »

stuff I found on my phone

Yes, I know I still suck at blogging. Yes, I am a lazy bastard. Yes, I will say again that I will remedy this. But no,View full post »

Keeley and her crew

Since Keeley and Jackie are on the cover of this month’s magazine (newsstand edition), it seems fitting toView full post »

the Kickass and Awesome wedding

Well folks, it’s official. Little Sarah is growing up. I done got married! Pim and I tied the knot about two andView full post »

Paria Canyon can suck it

Long-time readers may remember when I backpacked Paria Canyon three years ago. It was one of the most gloriousView full post »


On my last day working at the sanctuary, I took these mind-explodingly cute photos of the ever-adorable Carrie SmithView full post »

baby bunnies will right any wrong

Terrah just reminded me that I still suck at blogging. Here are some baby bunnies in a lousy effort to remedy that. ButView full post »

some things never change

Last week, I dug up this baby photo of me for work. It’s our all-staff week at Best Friends, and a videoView full post »

inching closer

My days in Kanab are numbered. I think officially it’s like 10. Unofficially, it’s feels lower becauseView full post »

stuff I found on my camera

I never understood how people could fill up their memory cards and not download the photos off their camera. But nowView full post »

Death Valley getaway!

Death Valley is one of those places you grow up hearing about, but never give much thought to seeing yourself (atView full post »

small wonders

Small Wonders Love ‘pocket pets’? Adopt from a shelter or rescue group Story and photos by Sarah Ause Best FriendsView full post »

raddest cactus and other bits from Shaman’s Gallery

A few weeks back, I finally visited Shaman’s Gallery. This ancient pictograph panel had been on my hike listView full post »

personal > work

Long time readers of this blog might remember how personal it used to be. Not like darkest secrets personal, but moreView full post »

worst blogger in the world award

Goes to me! I promise it will not stay this way, but I am still so terribly busy. Work, and travel, and weddingView full post »

sometimes inversions aren’t so bad

I took these shots of friends Burke and Magen up in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago during a grody inversion (when smogView full post »

Jill and co.

I also had a shoot with Jill for that semi thing (we wanted a cat shot too), but she’s so photogenic and easyView full post »


Let’s take a short break from the critter posts today and post this epic sunset from last weekend at Toroweap.View full post »

John and Zero

I was recently tasked with taking some shots for the sides of a semi-truck. Think short and very wide. Nothing weView full post »

back at it

I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, but I just have SO MUCH going on right now that it’s hard for me toView full post »

I miss him

I took this a week before he died, and I took it upside down. It only made sense to keep it that way.View full post »

Mrs. Pim

Yep, I’m getting married! Pim proposed a few weeks ago, on our anniversary in Zion, and I obviously said YES.View full post »

still sucking at posting

But here’s a pretty picture of a cat!View full post »


I can’t believe it was almost a year ago when I was in Boston at the Animal Rescue League for a story aboutView full post »

we are Siamese, if you please

Some shots from the Siamese Cat Rescue Center in Virginia from this past May…View full post »

bird banding

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to post this, but last, last July, I was staying with my friendView full post »

fall in love

Some shots from the Los Angeles fall super adoption back in November…View full post »

back on track

I know I have been SERIOUSLY slacking on posting lately. I had an art show last month (of non-photo work) and theView full post »

all my cats love my dogs

But Baby loves them most. She thinks she is one.View full post »

lots of backs

I did two epic hikes this past weekend, one of which was Observation Point. I’ve done this hike about a millionView full post »

skiing fail

Went to Bryce to ski the other weekend, and even called ahead to make sure there was enough snow. They said yes…View full post »

paper cutter extraordinaire

I know I have been slacking on posting, but I’ve been immensely busy lately. To remedy the lack of posts before IView full post »

cactus love

The annual fall travel binge is in full swing right now. It always ends up happening at the same time every year, whenView full post »

Haley meets llama

The look on her face is priceless…View full post »

getting back into photography

That must sound odd coming from a photographer, but when you do it for a living, it’s too easy to let theView full post »

Signal Peak

Last weekend, Pim and I hiked our tenth mountain together, and that makes me very happy. Not only is it a record yearView full post »

macaroni cat is stealin’ ur cheez

I fear I will never take another photo as awesome as this one. Total fluke, totally amazing.View full post »

taste test

Whitney rescued this “spitting angry little feral” last week, and within a day, he was a snugglyView full post »


I need a machete. Really, it would have come in very handy on my hike the other night. Me, Molly, and Antony journeyedView full post »

Strut Your Mutt

I was in Los Angeles last weekend shooting Strut Your Mutt, a massive dog walk to raise money for our LA programs (overView full post »

nap time on top of Arizona

A couple weeks ago, Pim and I went to Flagstaff for the weekend. It’s an awesome town that he’d never beenView full post »


That’s me. I will try to get back to posting regularly soon, but in the meantime, expect some random posts…View full post »


No, I didn’t get another dog. I’m just pet-sitting one for the week. Junebug is one of Whitney’sView full post »

goodbye birdies

The reason my foster birds were in the car the other day is because they got adopted! Woohoo! After our zoo ride toView full post »

mobile zoo

I had two dogs, two birds, and a cat in my car yesterday. Needless to say, it was an interesting drive to work. TheView full post »

salty dogs, ocean style

As excited as I was for our epic coastal roadtrip, there was one thing missing: my dogs. We were flying out there, andView full post »

magic coast

I had never been to the Pacific Northwest before (unless you count as a baby, which I don’t), so I was thrilledView full post »

Nick and Kat

Let me start by saying that this is not a foray into wedding photography, and that I have absolutely no plan or desireView full post »

’til I return

It’s monsoon season, and I’m not getting out hiking much right now. It’s raining every stinkin’View full post »

weekend adventure trip report

Pim and I have been together for over six months now, and we decided to get out and do something special this weekend.View full post »

a black and white affair

It was a black and white affair last night as Molly and I hiked the Virgin River with five black and white dogs…View full post »

juvenile delinquents

I don’t usually post much work stuff on here anymore, but sometimes I just have to. One of my new projects atView full post »

salty dogs

Last month, when I was out taking these photos at the north end of the great salty lake, I immediately regretted notView full post »

staring at the sun

I went hiking last night with 24 dogs. Yes, 24. I took along my long lens, but I didn’t end up taking manyView full post »

return to Moonshine Gulch

It’s been almost seven years since I last visited this dingy bar in the heart of the Black Hills, but it wasView full post »

a birthday with the goblins

Pim turned 30 last weekend, and big suprise, we celebrated outdoors. We rendezvoused under the full moon with Goblins,View full post »

spontaneous win!

I wanted to get out backpacking this weekend and decided on a very remote hike out at the Grand Canyon. Called theView full post »

peakbagging pups

Pim and I hiked Mount Olympus on Friday. I am still sore. It is by far the steepest mountain I have ever hiked…View full post »

the wild parrots of… Brooklyn?

The wild parrots of Brooklyn wild South American parrots escape the pet trade and take up residence in the urbanView full post »

Mr. Carytown

I found him in a jewelry shop while exploring Richmond, Virginia.View full post »

puppy weekend

When I started my big trip a few weeks ago, I had a few days in Salt Lake to relax before the jet-setting began. AlongView full post »

a walk in the clouds

I’ve been traveling the country the past couple weeks, and got back to Utah in the middle of the night last week.View full post »

water and sky

I’ve been suffocating lately, working in Chicago and Manhattan all week. The hectic chaos has actually left meView full post »

a tired puppy is a happy puppy

A few weeks ago, Whitney rescued a puppy. This is nothing new. She always seems to have a new dog that she finds, keepsView full post »

macaroni and wine

I only title this that because that is what we ate for dinner Friday night when Jim and I camped out in the MonumentView full post »

flight of the condor

Jim and I spotted a few condors flying above us last night as we hiked Angels Landing in Zion! What a treat!View full post »

domestic violence

Lenore was beaten unconscious with a golf club, as she covered her dog Chico to save his life. Susan refused to leaveView full post »

how does your garden grow?

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the greenhouse lately, tending to my seedlings (which except for my redView full post »

in honor of Sunny D’s toenail…

Yesterday, Sundance ripped off an entire toenail while jumping out of Whitney’s truck for an evening hike. SheView full post »

Terrah and her trailer

For the past six months, my personal project (to keep my working brain sane) has been photographing dogs outdoors. IView full post »

Snake Gulch

First backpack of the season this weekend! Woohoo!View full post »

guess the seed

I started planting seeds for my garden a few weeks ago. Can you guess which seed this is? Hint: it is extra deliciousView full post »

Rolling Dog Ranch

Point of View blind animals see a world of possibilities Story and photos by Sarah Ause Best Friends Magazine, Mar/AprView full post »

the return of Jimmy Utah

Some photos from our four-day weekend…View full post »

hot to cold

The day after returning home from Phoenix, I was heading to Boston. I’d never been before, but it seems like aView full post »

orange you glad winter is almost over?

70-degree weather in Phoenix was amazing… and so were the fresh-picked oranges. I am so ready for summer.View full post »

Sammy Sumo

Miss you already… (last photo by Molly)View full post »

sledding FAIL

Molly and I attempted to go cardboard sledding last weekend. Attempted…View full post »