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the Kickass and Awesome wedding

Well folks, it’s official. Little Sarah is growing up. I done got married! Pim and I tied the knot about two and a half weeks ago at a campsite in the Uinta Mountains. I might be biased, but it was pretty much the best wedding ever. It was infinitely more beautiful than I ever could have imagined, and totally DIY and awesome. I don’t really understand how people can spend a fortune creating some huge, staged production when you really only need one thing: love. Not just between the bride and groom, but all the friends and family too. We crafted a beautiful homemade wedding for less than what a lot of people spend on their cake. And we were able to do it because we’re totally rich in the love department. We didn’t want some pricey cake from a random bakery… we wanted one made with love by our friend Pam!… and modeled after Monty Python’s holy hand grenade! And let’s not forget the boozy cupcakes that got Pim’s 90-year-old granny DRUNK! We didn’t have a catered affair… we got a bunch of veggies from Costco and let people make their own hobo dinners to toss on the grill. Pim and his friend Dal brewed all the beer themselves. Lizzy and Magen designed labels. Terrah sewed colorful fabric flags that adorned our campsite. Bonnie made little paper flowers. Molly, Angela, and Amanda took awesome photos. Ginger did my hair. September made pretty hair clips. Lindsy made our beautiful stefana wedding crowns (a Greek wedding tradition to honor Pim’s heritage). Pim’s aunt provided the crazy hat collection, so we could have our own ROYAL WEDDING. Ha! We rented a generator to run an iPod stereo, but we didn’t use it… lots of people played guitar instead, and Rich was brave enough to sing (and he even sang “I Think I Love You” by the Partridge Family!… the song I sang Pim when I first spilled the beans that I loved him). Mike performed the ceremony for us, which we wrote up ourselves in the days right before the wedding. Everything was done by the people we love, creating something a lot more special than anything a big bank account or some cookie-cutter mold can get you. Friends and family from all over the country came, and it was so wonderful to be able to get everyone together. When Pim and I were deciding whether or not to plan an actual wedding (versus running off to Tahoe and doing it on the small), the reason I decided I actually did want a wedding was because it was the only time I could ever get so many people I love together in one place… because let’s face it, the only other time you might get that is your funeral. So we went for the wedding, and I’m so glad we did. It took some planning, but it was awesome, fun, creative planning, and it was essentially stress-free (how many brides can say that?!). And I got to party hardy with some of my favorite people in the universe… oh yeah, and seal the deal with Pim! I guess it’s implied with weddings, but that dude means more to me than anything that could ever be strung together into words. Regarding him, I don’t like words like love, cherish, adore, blah, blah, blah. Those all mean nothing compared to what I really feel for him. Those words are too small. And being used by billions of people, how can those words accurately describe what each person who says them is feeling? One size does not fit all. But, I digress. Considering most people come to my blog to look at photos, I will stop rambling (you get it, I love him) and let you see sneak a peek into our totally Kickass and Awesome wedding! Behold!

ALSO, my name has officially changed! I’m now Sarah Ause Kichas. To those wondering if I am now Skichas instead of Saussie… no, I am still Saussie, and always will be. I’ve been Saussie since the first grade, and a marriage sure as hell won’t change that. This domain won’t change either. But you can call me Skichas if you want… or Sarah AK, Awesome Kickass, Kickawesome… or, you know, Sarah works too.

  • July 4, 2011 - 11:38 am

    Anonymous - Very well said, Sarah!! It truly was a great, great wedding! May you cherish the memories forever! Love, Mom

  • December 29, 2013 - 7:07 pm

    Elise Lee - Sarah, your wedding was phenomenal! Totally inspired. I’m planning my sis ‘ s wedding next spring and a wedding like yours is exactly what she wants. What campsite were you at? We live an hour from the uintas.

  • January 10, 2018 - 10:22 am

    Danielle - Hi Sarah! Beautiful ceremony. The Uintas are our favorite! I am starting to plan our wedding and wanting to camp/wed as well! Where in the uintas did you have your ceremony? Any tips you would be willing to share with me?


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