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return to the cat house

Next week, I am going back down to Kanab for the first time since moving. I’ll be filling in as Molly and Gary will both be on vacation. I’m so thrilled to get to go play at the sanctuary again. Working from home can be a little dull sometimes. It has its perks, but one of its downfalls is that it’s not the sanctuary. I’ve got some rad projects I’m going to be working on, so I’m super pumped. But I’m also really excited for another reason… I get to see my old foster cats. I’ll be staying at Molly’s and pet-sitting my Josie girl, and will definitely go get head-butted by Jack and talked to by Kizzy at the old house. Oh, how I miss those kittehs! It seems fitting to finally post photos that Molly took of all us about a month before I moved. You saw one of them a while back, this one, but I’m not sure how I didn’t post the rest. You should all know by now what an awesome photographer Molly is. So here’s some of the shots she got of me with Jack, Kizzy, Josie, and even a little Mitzy too.

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