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Trail Tails episode 2: Gobbler’s Knob

If you think my not posting hiking photos anymore means I haven’t been getting out, you would be mistaken. I am just terribly lazy and don’t bring a camera anymore (unless you count my phone). That has changed a little with this new video camera, but also not really. When I hike, I just want to hike, not deal with pictures. But, I lug the new beast around on special adventures like this (actually, Pim lugs it around for me and I just pull it out when I want to shoot… I’m THAT lazy!). Anyway, about a month ago, we hiked Gobbler’s Knob… our first mountain as a married couple and our first mountain of the year (about three months later than last year… we’ve been slacking!). I made a video. I give you episode 2…

Reminder: After you hit play, do yourself a favor and click where it says 480p at the bottom of the player and change it to 720 or 1080. PLEASE! I’m embarrassed for it to be seen in anything but HD.

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