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Trail Tails episode 3: Grandeur Peak

Grandeur Peak was actually Pim and mine’s first peak together, and we have a wonderful view of it from our street that has had me practically dying to get up it again. A few weeks back, we opted for an evening hike to take in the glorious summer sunset on the mountaintop, and it was certainly worth the last half hour we had to hike down in pitch blackness. Also, I wanted to get the dogs up it since they did not join us on that first trip. They had a blast, as did we.

Reminder: After you hit play, please click where it says 480p in the bottom right and change it to 720 or 1080. HD is the only way to view it, man!

  • October 8, 2011 - 9:26 am

    molly - Seeing your dogs in HD makes me miss them more!!!

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