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Little Red goes home

In January 2008, I officially started working at Best Friends. Two days later, the Michael Vick dogs arrived – 22 of them. Over the years since, I’ve watched those dogs transform from frightened dogs who wouldn’t willingly go near anyone, into happy, playful dogs ready to be adopted. There are very strict rules imposed by the courts for these dogs to be adopted, but so far seven of them have done what it takes to get adopted, and Little Red is the latest of those. A few weeks back, I was down in Kanab working at the sanctuary for week when her adopter came. I will confess that Little Red is one of the dogs I didn’t think it’d ever happen for… she was just so terrified of people. So when I shot this video, I was just in awe of how far she’s come and how much she’s changed. Seeing that transformation was incredible, but watching such a deserving dog finally go home beats just about everything.

We posted this video to the public a little over a week ago, and it already has nearly 25,000 views. It just goes to prove how much people care about these dogs. To think that they almost never got a chance breaks my heart, but stories like Little Red’s prove what’s possible and hopefully inspire people to give dogs like her a second chance – they certainly deserve it more than Michael Vick does.

Also, while I shot the video and some of the photos, other photos were by my awesome coworkers Molly Wald and Gary Kalpakoff. They rule!

  • October 8, 2011 - 9:27 am

    molly - it’s true, i do rule… but Gary rules more. he is going to teach me how to be a pioneer woman this winter.

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