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invisible dogs

Over the past four years at this job, I’ve photographed a wide range of animal species. Cats, dogs, horses, parrots, and bunnies come standard, but I’ve also photographed bobcats, degus, manatees, chimpanzees, and so on. But one thing I certainly never expected was invisible dogs.

Yep, invisible… as in not actually there. Our latest campaign encourages you to start seeing invisible dogs – meaning the thousands of dogs tucked away in shelters, out of sight. Invisible dogs are just as good as other dogs, they just need to be seen.

I did seven shoots for this campaign over the summer. And let me tell you, anyone who says that kids and animals are the hardest to photograph (I don’t really agree with that) has never photographed invisible ones. Now THAT is hard!

Here are a couple shots that our designers stylized with those vintage color filters (they did that for all the ads).

Salt Lake City and New York City were the target cities for these ads (although online ads reached much further). I’ve seen iDog billboards here around SLC, but not with photos. New York City is where all the outdoor photo ads like these seem to be:

For this campaign, I also shot my first video for work. I had just gotten a new camera and the day of a shoot I had scheduled, my boss told me to take a video too. He gave me the story line, and although I came down sick, I shot a video and it turned out pretty cute! And then I found out it was a commercial on Hulu. I kind of lost it then, in a good way. Not bad for the first time!

It was a ton of hard work, quite grueling trying to get something that’s not there to look like a dog, but in the end it turned out pretty cool, and it seems to be a big hit all around the country.

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