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Nevada is underrated

Is that view what you think of when you think of Nevada? Okay, when you think of parts of Nevada that aren’t in the Sierras? That picture was taken in central Nevada, in a place so unassuming that millions of people drive by on I-80 every year without even knowing it exists. When it’s RIGHT THERE. As any path through Nevada is a never-ending roller coaster of basin and range, it would be easy to overlook. But this range is truly unique and astoundingly beautiful.

When we were camping in Great Basin National Park in June, our campsite neighbor was a guy named Bob. He was an interesting fella, a math teacher from Reno who was leaving his job to go teach math to rich American students in Saudi Arabia. Before leaving the country, he embarked on a motorcycle trip around the west, during which we met him. While he hung out with us around our campfire one night, he told us about Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby Mountains and how we simply had to go there sometime. The “Tetons of Nevada,” he told us.

Fast forward about two and a half months and Jim and I decided to check it out. We brought along Jemma and Watson, as dogs are allowed there, though bringing all the dogs would have been too much for us to handle. The Ruby Mountains are a mere four hours away from us, so we finagled a long weekend to get away. Just outside Elko, Nevada, you wouldn’t expect much. In fact, a few weeks before, a friend had told me she was thinking of applying for a job there. My uneducated response: “GROSS, WHY?” As soon as I got back home from our trip there, I promptly emailed her saying “GO FOR THE JOB. NOW!!!”

During our brief stay (one and a half days, and two nights), we did two hikes, one of which was the quintessential hike to Liberty Lake. The view, as you can see above, was incredible. The hike was a perfect fall jaunt. A hearty but simple seven miles and around 1,600 feet of elevation gain. Though our stay was short, we knew we’d come back to explore other areas of the Rubies. In fact, we vowed to come back and hike the Ruby Crest Trail, which spans the ridge line for 38 miles. Now knowing that these hidden gems are just four hours from us, the Rubies just may become a standard get-away for us.

As always, some pictures!

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