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lifesaving in LA

I’m headed back to Los Angeles this weekend, and in honor of that, as well as finally planning to post again (perhaps for real this time?… I’ve got loads of posts lined up ready to go!), I figured I should post these photos from over a year ago. Back in January and February (of 2012), I took two trips to LA as we opened our new pet adoption and spay/neuter center. A little background: the building had been built as an animal shelter by the city (at a cost of 27 million dollars) in 2007, but they never had to funds to run it. So it sat empty for years, until we stepped in and offered to take it over as a no-kill adoption and spay/neuter facility. It opened in February of last year and has been goin’ strong ever since!

This is just a tiny little smidgen of photos I got on those trips, but they are a few favorites. Enjoy! And I promise, I’m gonna start posting again.

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