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When Jim and I stayed in a yurt south of Moab a few Decembers ago, we knew we’d be back. We wanted to go sometime when it was a bit warmer though. So after failing, hard, at getting a campsite near Moab over Mothers Day weekend last year (and having to instead head to Goblin Valley), we decided a Mothers Day trip to the yurt this year would be spectacular. I kind of hate Moab, and I find the best way to experience it is to keep on driving past it… way past it. Everything south of Moab is pretty spectacular, and there’s quite a bit more solitude, which just

Like last year, our friends Rich and Reina joined us, along with their son, Leo. So we enjoyed yurt life again for a couple nights with good friends, food, games, and toasty woodstove fires.

For our southeast Utah adventure, we decided to forego the Needles District of Canyonlands this year and instead opted to head over to Natural Bridges. Jim and I had driven past it on our honeymoon a few years ago, but it’s kind of out of the way of, well, everywhere, and we just hadn’t had a chance to stop (then or since). It was time to remedy that.

Now that Ceci is capable of sitting up on her own, it was finally time to bust out the big guns and try her out in the hiking backpack. What we didn’t realize right away was that our first hike, Sipapu Bridge, had some ladders to climb. She was a champ though, even when her face got gravity-smashed against the pack (see below). Our next hike was to Owachomo Bridge and I just carried her in the pouch down the super short trail, as she was trying to fall asleep anyway. Down under the bridge though, I pulled her out and set her down, and she pepped up and happily played on the sandstone instead. She’s definitely my child.

Back at the yurt, we played games and stayed warm with the woodstove as a thunderstorm blasted outside. On our way out of town the next morning, we wanted to hike Delicate like usual, but the storms were too nuts. We’ll be back!

As always, some photos…







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