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Ceci meets the Black Hills

The day we were driving out to visit my parents, and have Ceci finally meet Grandpa, I woke up with a sore throat. Usually when I wake up with one, it kind of fades into nothingness by the end of the morning. Feeling ill the day of a drive is tough because you have a couple scenarios that can play out. First, you abandon the trip, thinking you’re getting super sick, and then come to find out that it was nothing. Or it’s the opposite, you go, feeling okay, and it turns out to be something much worse. In this case, it was the latter scenario.

I’ll cut to the point and just say this: I was sick the entire week (actually, I was sick for weeks, plural). But, as crummy as it is to be sick while on vacation, it was nice that I didn’t really have anything I had to do… and the weather really sucked too. If ever you’re going to be sick on vacation, a week of crappy weather is definitely the way to pull it off, especially when there’s built-in babysitters.

We didn’t really do much except hang out around our cabin and my parents’ house across the field. It was pretty okay with everyone. However, when we woke up on Wednesday, the day we were driving home, we found the sun shining down on us for the first time all week. Jim and I emailed our bosses, and neither cared if we stayed an extra day… so we stuck around. We finally got out of the house and went to the Moonshine Gulch Saloon and also made a quick stop at Mount Rushmore as well. It was nice to have at least one day feel like a proper vacation before heading home.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip, aside from watching Ceci play with Grandpa, was when we were settling into bed on our first night there and realized that it was in the same cabin, in the same bed, that we first felt Ceci move inside my belly last year. I’d had a dream I’d felt her kick, and woke up a little sad that it was just a dream. So I pushed my belly around and low and behold, there she was, the faintest little vibration inside me, but undeniably her. This year, she was hogging most of the bed. My, how they grow.

As always, some pictures…

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