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national parkin’

In addition to hiking all the highest peaks in Utah’s counties, Jim and I are trying to go to every national park in the contiguous United States. Don’t confuse that with every monument or historic site in the National Park Service, simply the official “national parks.” There are currently 59 national parks. Eight are in Alaska. We would love get to some of those at some point, but I’m not gonna hold my breath. Two are in Hawaii. Again, maybe we’ll get there, but maybe not. One is in the Virgin Islands, one in American Samoa, and one is technically in Florida but it’s like 70 miles past Key West… so no. Basically, that leaves us with 46 national parks in the mainland U.S. Those are the ones we’re after, the ones that we can most feasibly try to do. There is no timeline on this, just as long as we go together. Bold means we’ve checked it off the list, and some blog posts of our adventures are below that.

ZION / Utah
SAGUARO / Arizona


BIG BEND / Texas
DEATH VALLEY / California
JOSHUA TREE / California

pacific northwest
REDWOOD / California
PINNACLES / California
KINGS CANYON / California
SEQUOIA / California
YOSEMITE / California
MOUNT RAINIER / Washington
OLYMPIC / Washington


mountain west
MESA VERDE / Colorado
YELLOWSTONE / Wyoming, Montana

GLACIER / Montana

BADLANDS / South Dakota
WIND CAVE / South Dakota
VOYAGEURS / Minnesota
ISLE ROYALE / Michigan
HOT SPRINGS / Arkansas

ACADIA / Maine
GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS / North Carolina, Tennessee
CONGAREE / South Carolina
BISCAYNE / Florida



late to the volcano party

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strangers in passing

You know that person you pass on the street on your way to work, or the person who walks their dog by your houseView full post »

great lessons from Great Basin

We all have our “character flaws,” and my own personal fault has always been my lack of patience.View full post »

butterfly effects

It’s funny how much one little decision can change your life. Ten years ago, I was offered an internship at aView full post »

high altitude baby

A trip to Colorado over the solstice, with nights in Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Rocky Mountain National Parks. IView full post »

Ceci visits the Big Ditch

After a week working down in Kanab, we took a quick little getaway to the Grand Canyon. Spent a night camping at theView full post »

yurt baby

When Jim and I stayed in a yurt south of Moab a few Decembers ago, we knew we’d be back. We wanted to go sometimeView full post »

backcountry baby

Before she was even born, Ceci was a pro at camping. She camped within the confines of my uterus under a starry desertView full post »

the return to Zion (by Jim)

Zion National Park will always hold a place as one of the most important and special places on the planet for me. ItView full post »

some things never change

Some things never change… and I don’t expect them to change much once the baby comes either. Spent a weekend inView full post »

tent firsts

While adventuring during the first trimester, I couldn’t bring myself to sleep in a tent. I was waking up fiveView full post »


Back in December, Jim finished his masters degree in environmental humanities. He processed a huge set of records atView full post »

the face of God (by Jim)

I love the desert. I love the relentless light and stark relief that the sun throws across its limitless landscapes. IView full post »

the Pacific Northwest

If Jim and I are anything, it’s adaptable. We are flexible and spontaneous, and that has come in very handy forView full post »

Black Hills

I’ve been to the Black Hills about a zillion times. No lie. A zillion. My first trip there was when I was aboutView full post »

the incredibly great Great Basin

It was loud. The wind raged, nearly picking me off my feet. It folded my eyelids back, suffocated me when I faced it,View full post »

the Narrows

A few months back, my friend Lauren pitched the idea of getting a group together to go hike the Zion Narrows. I’dView full post »

Arizona tour de parks!

Back in March, Jim and I took a mini vacation to Arizona with my mom. She has an aunt, Gen, who lives down there, isView full post »

a new state of adventure (by Jim)

(If you like to read, read the post below. If you just like pictures, watch the video above. Better yet, do both! Also,View full post »

mounting Ellen

Back in September, as part of our Utah county peaks goal, Jim and I finally mounted Ellen… as in Mount Ellen. IView full post »

Moabadishu (by Jim)

Having grown up in Utah, there are an assortment of local customs, practices, and beliefs that have the feel ofView full post »

Paria Canyon can suck it

Long-time readers may remember when I backpacked Paria Canyon three years ago. It was one of the most gloriousView full post »

Death Valley getaway!

Death Valley is one of those places you grow up hearing about, but never give much thought to seeing yourself (atView full post »

raddest cactus and other bits from Shaman’s Gallery

A few weeks back, I finally visited Shaman’s Gallery. This ancient pictograph panel had been on my hike listView full post »


Let’s take a short break from the critter posts today and post this epic sunset from last weekend at Toroweap.View full post »

Mrs. Pim

Yep, I’m getting married! Pim proposed a few weeks ago, on our anniversary in Zion, and I obviously said YES.View full post »

lots of backs

I did two epic hikes this past weekend, one of which was Observation Point. I’ve done this hike about a millionView full post »

skiing fail

Went to Bryce to ski the other weekend, and even called ahead to make sure there was enough snow. They said yes…View full post »

magic coast

I had never been to the Pacific Northwest before (unless you count as a baby, which I don’t), so I was thrilledView full post »

flight of the condor

Jim and I spotted a few condors flying above us last night as we hiked Angels Landing in Zion! What a treat!View full post »

Snake Gulch

First backpack of the season this weekend! Woohoo!View full post »

the return of Jimmy Utah

Some photos from our four-day weekend…View full post »

rocky mountain high

The dogs and I spent the last three days of our trip exploring Colorado. I’ve never really been before (unlessView full post »

8 girls and 24 dogs

I spent the weekend camping up on the Kaibab with some coworkers and our dogs. Actually, I spent the nights there, butView full post »

almost epic

A couple days before I left for Jackson, Becky posted a photo on her Facebook page. It was a photo of PaintbrushView full post »

on the road

It’s been almost three years since I lived there, and two since I’ve been back to visit, but I finally gotView full post »

look ma, no pants!… and other tales from the fairy pools

Yesterday afternoon, Molly and I headed to Zion to go hunting for frog photos. Hoping to find a place as equallyView full post »

lentil soup, homemade and delicious

For a while now, I couldn’t wait for 2008 to end. It was a fabulous year, but its last couple weeks, and maybeView full post »

the Esplanade

With winter setting in, I didn’t think I’d get a chance to hike below the Grand Canyon’s rim untilView full post »


Toroweap is the narrowest part of the Grand Canyon, and the place where the cliffs drop 3,000 feet straight down intoView full post »


Just a few miles down the road from Mount Trumbull, we made a quick side trip to see some petroglyphs at the NampaweapView full post »


I’ve wanted to climb Mount Trumbull on the Arizona Strip for a while now, but it is so far out there (about 60View full post »

how to kill yourself at the Grand Canyon…

… in four simple steps: 1. hike several miles 2. go to saloon and drink one Arizona beer 3. proceed to getView full post »

gone fishin’

I got up way too early and got home way too late yesterday. It was a very long, very wonderful day spent fishing withView full post »


I went hiking in Zion this weekend for the first time in a long time. Summer temperatures and tourist crowds have keptView full post »

five days and fifty miles

I’ve just returned from Paria Canyon, one of the world’s “premiere” backpacks. Only a fewView full post »

hippie commune kitty and other tales from a day’s work off work

As I mentioned in the previous post, I took Friday off work to show Micah around Zion. Spent Thursday night camped outView full post »

Angels Landing… at night

This week, Micah (half of my 80s prom date) headed south to my neck of the woods for the obligatory off-season tripView full post »

no means no Kermit, and other tales from the first backpack of the season

This weekend, Miss Molly (henceforth referred to as Bitter Princess of the Forest) and I voyaged to the remoteView full post »

cover girl

That’s me. I found out tonight that I made the front page of the outdoors section of the southern Utah newspaper!View full post »

the awesomeness that is sitting

It is days like today that I fully appreciate the act of sitting. I hurt. I went to yoga yesterday after not going inView full post »

the Subway

Ten miles of boulder-hopping and water-walking in an empty area of Zion amounted to the best hike I’ve done sinceView full post »

huggable hoodoos and tales from Bryce Canyon

This weekend, Miss Molly and I, along with Garrett (the mudslinger from last weekend), ventured to Bryce Canyon to hikeView full post »

well whaddya know, more tales from Zion

With Whitney’s bike race in Hurricane this weekend, we decided to camp out in Zion after the race rather thanView full post »

introducing… VIDEO!

As I promised in a previous post… VIDEOS! Flickr just keeps getting better and better. Gaaaaaaaaaaaary!!!View full post »

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